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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. oakland police just lifted a shelter-in-place order. >> after they captured the parolee who crashed a car and then disappeared. nick smith is live at 14th and adeline. >> reporter: oakland police wrapped up their search for a man they described as armed and dangerous. he crashed his car. it was in conjunction with the emeryville k-9 unit they were able to find the man hiding in
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a backyard this is the man police had been looking for since 8:00 this morning. they will not release his name or charges. police only confirmed that he was known to investigators and there was an active warrant for his arrest. the suspect tried to get away and crashed into a pole. police say he jumped out of the car and ran. doing his best to hide in backyards. oakland police set up a perimeter, canvassed the area with assistance from the k-9 unit. after a 2 1/2 hour search, oakland pd got their man. >> wanted person was a yard. i can't go into details. we are still searching to make sure that no weapons or any evidence was left. this person is wanted in connection with a crime. é details because this is still a very active investigation. >> reporter:
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[ unintelligible ] she told us the reason they would not reach that information is because they are using community involvement and community participation from witnesses and they want to assure witnesses who come forward with information their identity is kept private. there was a temporary lock down by the oakland unified school district for two schools. oakland police say there were no injuries to officers, to the k-9 unit or the suspect. again, he crashed at this intersection, we believe that he may have been familiar with this neighborhood, that's why police believe he was familiar with the neighborhood and they say that's why they were able to identify him immediately. nick smith, abc7 news. also in the east bay parents at albany middle school stunned to learn a popular sixth grade teacher has been arrested on suspicion of a lewd act with a former
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student. 28-years-old james izumizaki was arrested at his home yesterday. terry mcsweeney joins us with more. >> reporter: mr. izumizaki here at albany middle school so popular they called him mr. i. parents are saying there is no way, it must be a misunderstanding, misinterpretation no way he committed these crimes. police say he did. >> it is a tragedy, total tragedy. >> reporter: that is a school district superintendent's reaction to the arrest of 28-year-old james izumizaki, a sixth grade teacher, for lewd acts with a child less than 14. hired in 2008 izumizaki taught math, science and language arts and coached. the principal received word of the incident monday and informed the middle school and district headquarters. >> we made a report to the police department monday evening. subsequently, an investigation
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is ensuing. it is my understanding that the teacher was arrested. >> reporter: the man who had been teaching monday was arrested at his home yesterday morning. the alleged victim described as former student. he was very popular with students. >> arrested mr. i? what! >> reporter: some parents are in disbelief. >> i hope it is not true. my daughter adored him. he was a great teacher. i lived her all my life, i know him as a student myself. >> reporter: students are being offered counseling. the superintendent says izumizaki's record was clean and performance above average. >> we hire credentialled teachers thoroughly fingerprinted. we do reference checks. everything that we can do. >> reporter: mr. izumizaki is being held on $100,000 bail. he's scheduled to make his
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first court appears tomorrow afternoon. there's a meeting scheduled here in the library this evening at 5:00, it is going to be for teachers, administrators and parents. from what we saw today that is going to be an emotional meeting. terry mcsweeney, abc7 news. senator boxer's efforts to get companies to stop renting or selling vehicles under recall has paid off. today boxer and new york senator charles schumer will announce a deal with the four top rental car companies to end this practice. the effort was inspired by a southern california mother whose daughters were killed when their rental car caught fire and ed in santa cruz in 2004. the car was under rental. the companies include, hetz, budget, dollar, thrifty, enterprise, national and alamo. police raided a camp overnight officers cited 45
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people, before midnight, arresting four. this is video showing police dismantling the camp they put up a temporary fence. occupiers admit the camp attracts homeless overnight but worry barricades will prevent them interest exercising their rights during the day. crews will be out fogging for mosquitoes in brentwood to prevent the spread of west nile virus. vector control will spray insecticide in an area roughly boarded -- borders -- the move comes after san francisco confirmed first human case of west nile since 2005 when they started tracking it. officials believe he was infected in the city or another bay area county. a dead bird found at san francisco's city college was confirmed to have carried the virus. big celebration underway now for the 10th anniversary of the shopping center santana
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row. amy hollyfield joins us with the story. people are lining up for the newest store. >> reporter: check out this line, it starts or ends that's the back of it behind me but it winds all the way down this block we are at the new h & m all of these people are hoping to get a coupon, first 200 people get a coupon worth $10 to $300. people at the front got her at 11:00 last night. it is opening today because of the 10th anniversary. look how far this shopping center has come. we have video, you probe will remember this horrible fire that happened before -- santana row was scheduled to open, 130 million dollars worth of damage and they never found the fire's cause. the store executives say they recognize this is part of their history they giving 10% of profits this weekend to the san jose fire department's
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community trust fund. it is a day employees say they will never forget. >> that was a terrible moment, really hard. how difficult it is, that close to opening to have that occur and everybody working 80, 100 hour weeks it was hard and it was really hey small miracle we were able to open two months later. >> reporter: now your 10th anniversary. >> pretty exciting. >> reporter: now you are looking at the building that burned, they have come a long way. santana row started with 35 tenants, today 100. since they've opened they put 24 million dollars back into san jose's funds through taxes and 40 million in state property tax. the opening of h & m is a kickoff of a weekend worth of anniversary celebrations. tonight a private celebration is going to include local figure tiers, including the mayor, residents who live here,
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they want that celebration to be community focus, -- it will kickoff a weekend full of celebrations it feels like it has a lot of history to celebrate. amy hollyfield, news that tphaeufplts. >> -- how safe are belongings at airport security? next, results of an eye opening investigation into theft by security screeners. the nfl's apology to fans as referees g
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>> this morning we have stunning results of an abc7 news investigation into how secure some airport security checkpoints are when it comes to your property. brian ross looked at 10 major airports with a history of tsa theft problems. an ipad left at the checkpoint in the orlando airport was tracked at the home of the tsa officer last seen handling it. >> we are looking for a missing ipad. >> missing ipad? >> yeah. and the tracking device shows it is located at this address. >> okay. >> is it here? >> no, sir. >> well, after setting off an automobile alarm on that missing ipad officer ramirez produced it. he claims his wife took it, not him. tsa says ramirez is no long werth agency. brian ross will have a full report tonight on world news with tieian sawyer and
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"nightline". nfl fans are looking forward to tonight's game with regular referees back on-the-job. the league and refs have struck a deal to end labor dispute after horrendous call by a replacement ref monday night. katie marzullo is here with reaction. >> reporter: this is the play the replacement ref ruling what looked like an interception touchdown giving green baena controversial win over seattle. >> call stands touchdown. >> reporter: it was a jaw-dropper for fans, players and eye-opener for nfl owners. >> it became clear this is more than winners and losers and complaining about a bad call. >> reporter: after getting nowhere for months the past 48 hours sought intensive negotiations. the lockout is lifted and there's a deal on the table. starting tonight, not a moment too soon for players. >> sweet.
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>> great to have the regular refs back. >> reporter: sources say both sides are pleased officials get more money and benefits and the nfl has the power to hire and train back-ups to replace bad ones. in the last hour commissioner goodell said this >> you don't go into one of these trying to create a win/ lose. you create a win/win. you are looking for a long term agreement that people can say we're proud of. >> reporter: some players are taking reaction to twitter. stiller of the bills saying welcome back refs. thanks to the replacement refs for trying their best given the circumstances. packers' offensive lineman tweeting good to see regular refs coming back i'm sure the scabs, his words, are disappointed they have to return to their jobs at footlocker. all that is left are for the
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members to ratify the contract. >> that was just mean. >> yeah. i was thinking, you don't see refs get cheered often, but tonight i'm guessing you are going to see. >> interesting, probably would be the first time in a while. >> yeah. how is the weather looking? >> clearer. we are getting sunshine, flight arrival delays into sfo, 65 minutes. fall warm weekend even out to the beaches, in the forecast, next. plus, horsing around with the head of google. the creator of the youtube
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. it certainly wasn't your typical business meeting at google's south korean headquarters today. the entertainer gave the chairman and others a lesson of the horse riding dance that has become so popular from the gangnam-style video. photos snapped of the two of
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them the song a parody of a lifestyle in an upscale seoul neighbor went viral on youtube. google owns youtube. >> gangnam-style. you have another name for it, right? >> i've seen you do the dance and you look good doing it. i haven't seen mike doing it. >> giants fans doing it. >> they will be doing it under sunshine. a hill hazy, moisture hanging in the air as nights get longer and gives the moisture in the ground a little more time to evaporate up into the sky that's why we are going to have fog the next couple of mornings. clouds back to the coast increase in sunshine today, throughout the weekend as warming trend will hit your neighborhoods too. live doppler 7 hd dry, no radar returns, plenty of cloud
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cover at the coast even a few clouds lingering around over the bay water right now that's why we have 65 minute flight arrival delays into sfo, they were 77, they are improving over the next hour they will almost be nonexistent. you can see it here on our visible satellite down from about 23,000 miles out in space, temperatures in the 50s and 60s until you get to livermore, antioch and fairfield low to mid 70s there mid to upper 50s monterey bay more sun salinas and gilroy low to mid 60s. we are going to have warmer conditions today through the weekend, warmest highs, pretty clear still fairly comfortable, 50s and 60s overnight today, we warm up about 5 to 11°, buys us back to where we should be. low to mid 80s in the south bay except milpitas 79. mid to upper 70s peninsula,
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coast low to mid 60s mid tocd8ú0 upper 60s downtown south san francisco and sausalito, 77 petaluma north bay valleys low to mid 80s low 60s today at beaches mid to upper 70s around most of the east bay shore upper 80s to mid 90s developing in the east bay valleys mainly 80s morgan hill, gilroy hollister. more sun in monterey 65. regular season game couldn't be more beautiful, 12:45, 61°, sunshine, don't need a coat sunscreen. tonight partly cloudy fog north bay valleys temperatures in the 50s. area of high pressure starting to settle over the bay area winds starting to calm almost churn offshore which they will do tomorrow more so saturday, sunday. low to mid 70s at the coast this weekend, we could near 90
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around the bay almost triple digits inland the difference between this and a fire event is winds won't be very fast. excited not only for the warm weather but also the october 18th 49ers game that's why we are giving away $49,000 we will announce the winner october 18th after the 49ers take on the seahawks. click the win $49,000 button on news. watch the game right here. >> we can't way for that. still ahead, a look at what's hot this weekend. >> including a free
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today on katie financial infidelity. today on katie we are asking the question, do you hide purchases from your husband or wife? in fact, 80% of married couples do buy things but don't tell spouses. today we do a relationship intervention to save a marriage and hopefully help them save money. then, delilah the most listened to woman on the radio will tell us her secrets and how she makes that love connection every night for america. all coming up today on katie. >> katie is at 3 p.m. right here on abc7 and at 4:00, the best credit card even ones that can help payoff your debt. at 5, how the state is behind an effort to give social media users better password
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protection. early jazz era and oktoberfest in the bay area. don sanchez has what's hot this weekend. ♪ ♪ ♪
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so many choices. >> thanks for joining us today on abc7 news. >> who wants to be a millionaire is next.
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